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This drug acts on the brain and nerves to produce the calming effect. This drug enhances the effects of certain natural chemicals in the body. These medicines should be taken on the prescription of the doctor or you can buy it online. The dosage of the medicine will depend on your health condition. Follow your doctor’s advice to reduce the risk of side effects. If you are having such issues then you should consult your doctor and can ask for this medicine also.


WARNING: This drug may have very serious side effects including death and you should take this medicine in the minimum concentration possible and for the shortest possible time.

Working of Ativan:

It is believed that this drug acts on the brain and nerves to produce the calming effect and it enhances the effects of certain natural chemicals in the body.

Benefits of Ativan:

This drug is used to treat anxiety by enhancing certain natural chemicals in the body to produce a calming effect.

Side effects of Ativan:

There are various side effects of this drug and some of them are very serious. Some of the side effects of this drug are as follows:

       Though it helps many patients to treat anxiety, sometimes it may cause addiction.

       This drug may cause Dizziness, drowsiness, loss of coordination, nausea,change in sexual desire, etc.

       A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is very rare but is found in some patients.

If you find any of the above-mentioned side effects than you should immediately stop taking this drug and contact your doctor immediately as soon as possible.


       As this drug causes dizziness and drowsiness than you should avoid doing work that requires alertness.

       Pregnant women should avoid taking this drug as it may cause harm to the unborn baby.

       This drug passes into breast milk so taking this drug should be avoided while breastfeeding or you should do it with the consultation of your doctor.

       Keep this medicine at a cool and dry place.

       Keep this medicine away from the reach of the children.

       Avoid alcoholic beverages as it may make the condition worse.

       As this drug has some serious side effects so you should avoid taking this drug in high concentration and for long time.


The general dosage of this drug is 2 to 6mg divided into parts and intervals and in case of overdose; you should contact your doctor for his or her assistance.

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